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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read


    Cannabidiol (CBD) face masks are skincare products that give the human body essential ingredients that address any skin condition. Cannabidiol, an essential cannabis compound, has nourishing and moisturizing properties that keep the skin rejuvenated. However, users should prepare and follow appropriate steps when applying facial masks to enjoy maximum benefits. Here are insights on whether you should apply toner before or after face masks.

    Cannabidiol (CBD) face masks are skincare products that give the human body essential ingredients that address any skin condition. Users cannot experience the maximum benefits from these masks without appropriate preparations and finishing guidelines. Consumers should understand the right face mask variety that offers anticipated outcomes. The cannabidiol in these facial masks has moisturizing and nourishing properties that rejuvenate dried skin. It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities that keep the skin in a healthy state. Quality toner corresponds with an individual's preferred face masks. However, should consumers apply toner before or after the mask? Here is what you need to understand.

    Toner before a Face Mask

    All curative masks function best when administered to a properly prepped human skin. For beginners, facial mask preparation involves cleansing the face or double cleansing in case one is wearing makeup. Individuals should spritz their skin with a suitable toner depending on the skin variety and concerns, stabilizing the skin PH and optimizing the key ingredient absorption of any mask to be applied next. Mohiuddin (2019) reported that applying toners before facial masks assist in calming irritated skin, alleviating the excess skin oil and impurities, and inhibiting premature aging. Toning is a priming mist designed to orchestrate the stage for maximum benefit.

    Toner after Mask

    Many individuals understand that moisturizing after masking is paramount, but incorporating a toner spritz is overlooked by several people. Besides skin preparation, a premium quality toner functions post-exfoliator or post-mask. Saturating the skin post-exfoliator with quality toner will standardize the PH level. The skin already diagnosed by masks is prepared for a fresh toner drink. Alternatively, individuals can massage the toner into the skin using their fingertips for extra penetration and a tingling massage before administering your moisturizer or serum. Utilize your toner after mask to offer many unique benefits to your skin, such as:

    • Saturate your skin with ingredients that solve your problems
    • Maintain the skin hydrated
    • Inhibit premature aging
    • Calm irritated skin
    • Assist your skin in absorbing moisturizers and serums better
    • Protect the skin from external irritants

    Some skincare professionals encourage toning both after and before your mask, although it depends on the personal skin needs and preferences. Whether an individual opts to tone after or before masking, they should ensure the appropriate formula for the skin concerns and types is applied:

    Power peptide

    Maintain aging signs minimum and incorporate youthful radiance using (spritz on tonic) toners. According to Georgiev (2015), power peptide utilizes hydrating products to brighten and anti-aging peptides, refines, and rejuvenate the skin, specifically younger-looking complexity, whether one has a combination, oily, or dry skin.


    Rebalance and refresh combination-oily or dry skin using an equalizer, a powerful hydrating toner. This substance is a non-alcohol toner mixed with aromatherapist oils and Chinese herbs to calm, strengthen, nourish, and rebalance the skin by prepping the moisturizer or skin for a facial mask.

    Soothing Reset Mist

    This calming face mist retains sensitive skin protected, hydrated, and nourished. With chamomile and beneficial aloe vera, plus deeply barrier strengthening and moisturizing Chinese medical silver ear mushroom to soothe, lower visible redness, and comfort reactive skin.

    Acne Toner

    Combat harsh acne using salicylic acid diagnosis (acne toner). According to Jin& Laopanupong (2021), acne toner clears, hydrates, and alleviates excess oil as it clears skin pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. This astringent assists in alleviating underlying acne and removes every new breakout.

    Benefits of a Toner

    Toners are essential and beneficial for individuals with acne- or oily-susceptible skin. Also, the compounds are suitable for consumers who require additional cleansing after wearing various heavy skin extracts or makeups. Consider the benefits below:

    Shrink pores

    Administering a minuscule toner amount to the soft pad or ball and moderately wiping and blotting the face with it. This helps to eliminate oil and induce the smaller pores.

    Restores the Skin’s PH Balance

    Human skin is inherently acidic and often has a PH equilibrium of approximately 5 or 6 (which ranges from zero to fourteen on the PH scale). This equilibrium is affected after cleansing because of high soap PH. After this, the skin should function more to restore its standard levels but utilizing toners helps to redevelop this balance instantaneously.

    Adds a protection Layer

    Toners promote cell gaps tightening and closing pores after cleansing. This reduces the entrance of environmental contaminants and impurities into your skin. Furthermore, it protects and alleviates minerals and chlorine found in tap water.

    Functions like a Moisturizer

    Certain toners are humectants, implying that they assist in binding moisture to your skin.

    When applied with cannabidiol lotion pearls, toners can completely regulate the skincare routine. Downing (1849) showed that hydration lays the foundation for a pure skincare routine. The experts encourage consumers to cleanse their skin normally and then introduce a toner first to maintain hydration. Administer lotion pears as the finals step to protect the hydrating levels. This is double hydration, where cannabidiol-infused pearls are enriched with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as toners.


    Previously, people used alcohol-related toners, which later became extremely dehydrating, excessively astringent, and deemed unnecessary. Currently, toners offer the opposite outcomes, for example, they provide a healthy and radiant complexion. The newest toners are void of alcohol and often treat various skin concerns. Experts recommend that people who experience oily skin and acne utilize these products to address these conditions. After a regular skincare cleaning routine, liquid toners eliminate oil, dirt, and makeup. Use toners rather than using alcohol to fight blemishes and curbing oiliness. Remember, each formulation is different and might have exfoliating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, or moisturizing ingredients. Therefore, people should never overlook toning after a cannabidiol mask.


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