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  • August 22, 2022 5 min read


    There are many reasons why you should use CBD butter, including its exclusive contents that early studies find good for the body. For instance, essential oils have therapeutic value, and so is CBD oil, which studies also find good for inflammation and other health benefits.

    Many people use CBD body butter because of how well it can moisturize the body. It is more like body lotion, save for the thickness. Still, it is great for softening, smoothening, and making your skin supple. The key ingredients that makeup CBD body butter add to its health benefits, all the more why you may want to try it. For instance, CBD, a crucial ingredient in CBD body butter, may help with inflammation and skin challenges, as early studies noted. Besides, CBD body butter has essential oils that are therapeutic and medicinal, and you can tap on these benefits by applying body butter. Here is all you need to know about why you need to use CBD body butter.

    What Is CBD Body Butter?

    CBD body butter is like regular body butter, only that it has an additional ingredient; CBD. CBD has helped many people suffering from conditions such as eczema. Because of the increased hype around CBD, many CBD-infused products are featured in the market, from the supplement world to edibles. CBD topicals are among the commonest CBD products, and CBD body butter is one of them.

    CBD body butter is an emollient moisturizer applied to the body to help the skin become smooth, soft, and supple. CBD is a critical ingredient in CBD body butter, but other components are equally important. CBD body butter is special because of its ingredients. According to Djilani & Dicko (2012),  it boasts essential oils like jojoba and avocado oils, which are therapeutic and medicinal, other than essential oils, CBD body butter also has carrier oils and glycerin, adding to its moisturizing potential. Why should you use CBD body butter?

    CBD Body Butter Will Help Your Skin to Soften

    Skin texture is one of the many things that add to one's self-esteem, and have an even, fine, soft, glowing skin. People try different skin-care products in attempts to achieve an even skin tone, but not all are successful. For some people, using skin and face care products mean serious reactions that leave them worse than before. Can CBD body butter change the story? Can you achieve even skin tone with CBD body butter? According to Verallo-Rowell et al. (2016), body butter, including CBD-infused options, are good moisturizers. Adding CBD to the body butter adds to its moisturizing effects, improving your skin tone as you use it.

    Use CBD Body Butter to Benefit from the Therapeutic Properties of CBD and Essential Oils and CBD

    As stated at the outset, the individual ingredients making up CBD body butter add to its benefits. The body butter has shea butter and CBD as the key ingredients, and scientific studies see potential in both.  Watt & Karl (2017) examined the effects of CBD on Alzheimer's disease and concluded that it is therapeutic. According to Djilani & Dicko (2012), essential oils, including those in CBD body butter, are therapeutic and boast medicinal values. Using CBD body butter allows you to tap on the therapeutic properties of CBD and essential oils.

    CBD Body Butter Is Easy to Use

    The other reason that draws people to CBD body butter is how easy it is to use. Using the topical product does not require any special processes. Rather, you only need to follow the steps below;

    1. Pat-dry the surface on which you want to apply CBD body butter
    2. Put a little butter in your hand
    • Let the butter melt in your hand
    1. Take a little and add to the affected surface
    2. Spread evenly
    3. Repeat the process, adding a little when need be

    CBD Body Butter Is Versatile

    CBD body butter also draws many people to it because of its versatility. Versatile products allow flexibility, and that is what CBD butter is. It allows use on various parts of the body. For a start, you can apply CBD body butter to any part of the body hence the prefix 'body' in the product's name. Still, you can use CBD body butter on affected parts of the body. For instance, many tap on the moisturizing effects and apply it to dry spots like the elbow. Besides, you can apply CBD body butter on your hand and feet, keeping the soles and palms moist. CBD body butter allows you to explore great versatility, and you choose which body part on which to apply it.

    CBD Body Butter May Help You Manage Inflammation

    According to Hammell et al. (2016), CBD can fight inflammation, and its powerful anti-inflammatory properties have helped manage inflammation. Since inflammation is a common issue, people look for its remedy in CBD body products like body butter, which is promising. Besides, the American Academy of Dermatology (2018) issued a report showing that many people had benefited from topical application of CBD and were managing eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions with the cannabinoid. Remember, CBD body butter is one of the CBD topicals.

    CBD Body Butter Is Easy to Prepare

    Since CBD body products like body butter are expensive, you may want to prepare your CBD body butter at home. Does the product give you the convenience of home preparation? Yes, you can easily prepare CBD body butter at home. You only need CBD and shea butter as the key ingredients, while others like vegetable glycerin, aloe vera gel, and essential oils are optional. Besides, you can prepare CBD body butter and use them the same day.


    Many people are into CBD body butter, but why? It is easy to prepare and use and greatly moisturizes the skin. Besides, its versatility is unmatched since you can use it for the whole body or select specific parts like feet and hands. Moreover, all the ingredients in the body butter add to its benefits, and you certainly want to enjoy them.


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