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Ways to Incorporate CBD into Your Daily Diet

August 31, 2022 5 min read

Ways to Incorporate CBD into Your Daily Diet

Ways to Incorporate CBD into Your Daily Diet

As many people use different ways to have a balanced diet, ingestion or application of CBD also balances work life and diet.

One can include CBD oil in the diet example, oral CBD products: capsules and gummies, adding CBD to the night routine, recovering with CBD pre pr post-workout regimen daily, and daily taking CBD to help in waking up. The article gives us below will elaborate on several ways how to incorporate CBD into our diet;

Ways to Incorporate CBD Oil

Adding CBD to Drinks

Purschke et al. (2016) found that the ability of CBD oil to blend immediately after it is added into any liquid makes it easy for people to add it to drinks of their choice. The most drink used is morning coffee; since it is easy to blend in, you need to add some drops of CBD droplets of your choice, stir the coffee, and take it.CBD can also be added to a glass of milk to enable the binding of the fats and any other drinks of your choice.

It Can Be Used In Salad Preparation

Mead (2017) noted that CBD oil could also be used in dressing the salad to incorporate it into the diet. Mixing it gently on top of the salad can produce an outstanding achievement of consuming CBD without altering the targeted flavor. It can also be used on other foods by those who don't like taking salads, more likely on the fry sauces, and adding some drops of CBD oil on top of steak, chicken, and fish. Its best to mix it with liquid foods for excellent results, but it can be added to different types of foods.CBD oil is very effective; the only thing that matters is how you will incorporate it into your foods.

Intake of Capsules and Edibles

Other means of incorporating CBD into the diet is to take it through the following means; capsules, chewing gums, cookies (and any other more straightforward way of making the CBD edible). These are easy to take as they consist of measured dosage, making it easy to take as they help in time and the process taken to measure the correct dosage. Edibles take time to act as they have to go through the digestion process, which leads to the involvement of the liver and stomach hence slow to react faster.

Using Vaporized CBD

The ability of CBD to be converted into vape oils has led to a wide range of use of vape oils as they are easy to carry and potent; it's also practical. It can be taken even in public without being noticed as you are vaping, which makes it difficult for anyone to tell that you are using CBD. The vape oil makes it easy to calculate the amount of CBD in a single serving of the vape being consumed, as you can get the CBD available in one ml of the liquid you are vaporizing.

Baking some Amount of CBD Brownies and Cookies

CBD oil can be combined with common home cooking ingredients; vegetable oil, olive oil, cooking species, and other cooking recipes. Add it into baked stuff, such as cookies, cakes, and bread. After preparing a recipe for cooking these baked foods, add the CBD oil to the ingredients, then add them all together as you will be baking the foodstuffs. After making the snacks, you can enjoy taking CBD at any time.

Taking Orally a Dose of CBD Oil

Taking a dose of CBD orally makes it quick and effective as it will be taken sublingually. Geshtakovska & Stefkov (2016) established that taking CBD oil under the tongue within seconds leads to a short accelerated form of absorption.

After measuring the desired dosage of CBD using the dropper, which is used to measure the number of drops, place the slides of the CBD oil under the tongue, then hold them for two minutes. The CBD will be absorbed into the body, and the rest of the CBD oil can be swallowed. This method is easy to use, and the CBD is absorbed immediately. It can be taken anywhere and any time since you repeat the procedure mentioned above and mouthwash it afterward.

It Can Also Be Incorporated in a Skincare Routine

Tadić et al. (2016) confirmed that CBD is not only used internally but can be applied externally using creams, oils, balms, and lotions. The skincare product with CBD has pleasing scents generated from terpenes, enhancing the mind's wellbeing. CBD's ability to balance reactions can extend to glands and pores, as it helps the amount of sebum the skin produces. This can help people suffering from acne disease, caused by clogging of pores where the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes will tend to decay. In addition, CBD is said to be a self-care agent for the skin, as it helps restore balance in the skin.

A Tincture Could Be Added to Homemade Soup or Stew

CBD tincture is a pure and concentrated form of CBD that can be added easily to recipes, soup, and stew when mixed gently. The tinctures also boost the flavor and the aroma of the delicacies made as they have terpene profiles necessary for the smell and the taste after mixing the tinctures.

A combination of CBD tincture and CBD oil dramatically contributes to the effect named entourage, which is formed when particular components of the cannabis product mix; the result is superb than the effect of one single element of the cannabis.

Making CBD By Mixing Honey with a Few Drops of CBD Oil

It is a mixture achieved by mixing CBD oil and honey, which can be used to sweeten tea or coffee. The combination can be used in topping foods such as pancakes, bread waffles, and oatmeal. Adding desired drops of CBD oil into a jar with honey and mixing them well is all needed to achieve the mixture.

Mix CBD with Coconut Oil

CBD-infused coconut oil instead of butter or margarine can be healthier in many recipes. You will be required to use the equivalent amount of the infused coconut oil as that of butter in case you use butter, which will not affect your recipe.

Use CBD-infused Fruit Preserves or Jams on the Morning Toast

The application of CBD-infused fruit preserves and jams can bring an additional tasty and healthier breakdown to the morning breakfast. Mix Isolate powder into homemade energy bars or bites, or sprinkle the powder onto cereals or oatmeal. The CBD isolate is a concentrated form of CBD with no other active components. Firstly, the energy bars or bites recipes are mixed well and ready to be taken. The powder can be sprinkled as a top covering on cereals or oatmeal, it is added directly into the bowl consisting of the foods mentioned above, and they are ready for consumption.


Preparing food and applying CBD to a diet and lifestyle routine will help improve CBD's potential health benefits. This is thorough using an additional CBD oil, isolate powder, tincture, or infused mixtures into your recipes and preventing skin health problems through topical application of CBD oil. It should be understood that CBD is easily adapted and incorporated into our daily diet to maintain a balanced consumption. The importance of CBD lies in the broad and many ways we can use it.


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