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  • August 18, 2022 5 min read

    What Are The Benefits Of Using A Toner 

    A toner minimizes the appearance of pores, protects the skin from elements, temporarily tightens skin, calms the skin, maintains the skin pH, and has many other benefits. Do you need a toner, and how do you use one?

    Many people use this product for the benefits of the toner, but there are rare proofs of how it benefits them. If you are not under those who use a toner, you might wonder why you should join the rest and what value it adds to your facial skincare. Some may suggest that it gives them a greater look. 

    What Is A Facial Toner?

    A facial toner is a secret skincare weapon. It comes in a water-based liquid with skin-calming ingredients such as eucalyptus, peppermint oil, and aloe. The ingredient formula of toner will differ depending on your skin type and serve various consumers. A facial toner temporarily minimizes pores' appearance and creates a smoother-looking appearance. Toners are also helpful in cleaning dirt, oil, and impurities for more efficacy than what cleansers provide alone. They leave the skin better protected against environmental factors that may bring about stress. Adding a toner to your daily facial routine may be the key to a radical, more revitalized look.

    Benefits of a Toner

    There are several answers to 'whether you should add a toner to your facial routine'. Keeping the following reasons in mind will be more than enough conviction for you to get a toner and add it to your normal facial routine:

    Minimizes The Appearance Of Pores

    The smaller your pores appear, the smoother your face looks. The smaller appearance of pores also gives your face a more replenished and polished look. Gediya et al. (2011) noted that a facial toner helps create a lovely, more radiant appearance, meaning that your face is bare after using a toner, and you still feel confident because of the stunning look.

    Helps Protect The Skin From Elements

    Jin et al. (2021) commented that facial toners are formulated to help clean off all the dirt, oils, and impurities, leaving the skin clean. Its formulas also protect the skin from environmental factors that may cause stress to the skin. A toner adds another layer of protection to the skin against impurities.

    Temporarily Tightens Skin 

    According to Mohiuddin (2019), facial toner is a reinvigorating agent that gives skin a tight and firmer look. Using it twice daily leaves the skin feeling compacted, and you get to feel the difference immediately.

    It's Incredibly Refreshing

    Toners come in different formulas and different scents. It's all about personal preference. A common example is a rose-scented toner which is a great choice to start the day off feeling freshened up. It will give you the confidence you deserve to cover that day.

    Calms the Skin 

    Gultekin et al. (2020) stated that using naturally sourced facial toner is a great way to create a soothing sensation on your skin. Toners reduce any temporary redness or discomfort to give the skin a relaxing effect. 

    Maintains the Skin PH

    While other facial creams and products may have a different ph that may cause the skin irritation of facial rashes, the toner balances the skin's ph. Thanks to its natural formula.

    Helps Remove Oils And Make Up   

    If you are a makeup lover, consider adding toner to your daily routine. One of the toner functions is cleaning the face better than a cleanser. So the toner will work on your skin to remove all the dirt and impurities after applying makeup.

    Aids Skin In Moisture Retention

    Facial toners are naturally hydrating, especially the one that contains rose water. Timudom et al. (2020) noted that toners help increase your moisturizer’s absorption. So when you apply the cream to your face, you are sure that your skin will absorb it and retain the moisture. 

    How to use a Toner

    Using a toner is not so black and white, especially if you are a beginner, but it's also not that complicated. Using a toner is extremely beneficial as it concurrently cleanses, moisturizes, and shrinks the pores while balancing the skin's ph. How do you use toner?

    Wash your Face

    This is always the first step whenever you want to start any facial routine. Consider using a cleanser, warm water, and perhaps a soft washcloth to cleanse your face. Start by massaging the cleanser on the face to remove any dirt, makeup, and impurities. You can choose to use a washcloth or your fingers to rub the cleanser. Rinse well with warm water, then splash cold water on the face when done. Afterward, dry the face with a clean towel.

    Squeeze Some Toner On A Cotton Pad

    Spread the toner on your face with bare hands. Put some toner on the cotton pad until it's overly soaked with the toner. A cotton ball can also work well. But cotton pads will work best since they soak up less product than cotton balls, which is quite conservative.

    Lightly Spread Over The Face And Neck

    Use the soaked cotton wool to spread the toner on your face and neck while avoiding the eye region and the lips. Pay close attention to the Hard-to-reach areas such as the nose and near the ears. The toner will help clear the dirt and impurities the cleanser couldn't reach and the cleanser residue, chlorine, or chemicals from the tap water. 

    Use The Second Toner For Extra Moisture

    Spray application only dilutes impurities instead of removing them. Consider using a wiping toner before you can use toner spray for the additional moisture.

    Wait For The Toner To Dry

    Most toners absorb into the skin quickly since they are water-based. If you feel like applying any other creams or products, wait for the toner to sink into the skin completely. This will keep the skin protected against any impurities and retain moisture.

    Apply Any Treatment Products And Moisturizer

    If you have acne or other skin-related problems, you can apply these acne treatments or additional moisturizers after using the toner. These products will have greater effects and sink in the skin deeply as the toner cleans the skin off any impurities that may act as barriers. 

    Consider using a toner twice each day in the morning and at night. The toner will help remove the sebum that accumulated overnight and balance the skin's ph. in the morning. At night the toner will help complete your cleansing routine by removing any dust, dirt, and impurities that the cleanser missed or any residue from the cleanser and chemicals from the tap water. If your skin is particularly dry, you may want to start with using a toner once a day, specifically at night.


    With these benefits to your skin, you should get yourself a toner. Adding a toner to your daily facial routine will assure your face of deep cleansing and moisturizing. Consider using a cotton pad when applying toner to your face. An important thing to note is that immoderate toner use may increase dryness on the face. If you experience dry skin, consider finding formulas that help minimize dehydration.


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