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What Are the Best Vape Pens for CBD?

September 15, 2022 5 min read

What Are the Best Vape Pens for CBD?

What Are the Best Vape Pens for CBD?

CBD vape pens are a convenient way to get a CBD dose daily. A CBD vape pen is a device that contains CBD-e juice that you vape. Herein a person can learn the best vape pens for CBD and how to choose the best.

CBD is one of the over one hundred and forty cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. One can acquire CBD dose in various ways, and vaping is one of them. When vaping CBD, all an individual requires is a CBD vape pen. It is a device that converts CBD oil into vapor. Most people prefer vaping since vape pens are convenient and easier to use. If someone is new to it, they will get used to it quickly since you do not require much time. Since the CBD vape pen is becoming one of the people's favorite, a question that constantly recurs is what are the best vape pens for CBD? It is not shocking since most manufacturers are producing illegal CBD vape pens, which harm an individual's health.

Best Vape Pens for CBD

Whole Plant CBD Vape Pen

According to Lakhan et al. (2009), the whole plant CBD vape pen is the most powerful since it has all the cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds available in the hemp plant. Examples of cannabinoids are; tetrahydro cannabidiol (THC), flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabidiol (CBD). Berg et al. (2020) stated that the whole plant CBD vape pen contains low levels (not more than 0.3 percent) of THC, making it safe and legal to use. THC is the compound responsible for the high effects of smoking marijuana. Even though its THC levels are low, it promotes the entourage effects. McFerran et al. (2014) commented that the entourage effect is a theory that suggests that all the cannabinoids work hand in hand to produce the maximum therapeutic results making it more effective. The whole plant vape pen has natural waxes and oils from the hemp plant, thus further enhancing the entourage effect. This type of vape pen is said to be the most potent and effective since it contains every single cannabinoid in the hemp plant.

Full Spectrum CBD Vape Pen

The full spectrum CBD vape pen also has the entourage effect like the whole plant. However, the difference between these two vape pens is that the full spectrum does not have oils and waxes in the hemp plant. It is because it does not have hemp paste. Marinotti et al. (2020) noted that they also have legal levels of THC, which are not more than 0.3 percent, and other cannabinoids like terpenes and flavonoids. They also contain phytocannabinoids that boost your CBD experience. It is a good option for individuals who want to benefit from other cannabinoids.

Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Pen

The broad spectrum vape pen has all other cannabinoids except THC. Even though it still has the entourage effect because of the other cannabinoids, it is less potent than the whole plant and full spectrum vape pens since it does not have THC. Otherwise, it is a perfect choice for individuals who want to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC.

Isolate CBD Vape Pen

The isolate CBD vape pen is the purest since it has CBD only. All the other cannabinoids were extracted during their processing. It is an excellent choice for individuals who only want to experience the effects of CBD.

How to Choose the Best CBD Vape Pen

Since there are many CBD vape pens on the market, one might be at risk of purchasing one that is harmful to their body. Individuals should consider the following guidelines that will help them choose the best CBD vape pen:

Proof of Third-Party Lab Test Results

The third-party test proves how trustworthy a company is. Since these labs are independent, one is assured that the results are unbiased. They can conduct their research to ensure whether the third-party lab is trustworthy.

Certificate of Analysis

A certificate of analysis, also known as COA, shows the compound in the product. Mainly one can get this analysis on a company's website. If it does not have one, an individual can request one. If it does not have it on its website or does not offer it to you, consider its products a red flag. Since it shows a lack of transparency, in the worst-case scenario, it may be because the company is not testing its product safety or its results were problematic, so they did not want to publish them.

A reliable certificate of analysis should contain:

  • Cannabinoid analysis: It shows the weight and amount of cannabinoids in the product
  • Heavy metal analysis: It indicates the amounts of heavy metals in the product, such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. High metal exposure may be dangerous and causes health issues. If the product has more than 0.001 milligrams of cadmium, 0.003 milligrams of lead, and 0.0001 milligrams of mercury, stay away from it.
  • Pesticides analysis: It measures the traces of medicine used to protect the plant during farming. Pesticide exposure affects immunity and may cause liver toxicity too.
  • A certificate of analysis should also have content like terpenes and mycotoxins levels.

Organic, non –GMO

The organic CBD vape pen is free from synthetic chemicals (including pesticides). A product is said to be organic if the company is certified by the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA). To check whether the company sells an organic product, one can check its name on the USDA website.

Non-GMO CBD vape pen-It comes from natural hemp plants that have not been interfered with by any external intervention. To know if a company is non-GMO, you should inquire about the source of their hemp plant.


Since the FDA has not yet approved CBD products, many companies are taking advantage of this and producing fake CBD products that claim they have a specific concentration of CBD, which they don't. One should go for the whole plant, full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate vape pens to get the most out of CBD vape pens. Also, it would be best if a person bought their pen from a trustworthy and reliable company to avoid falling into the traps of companies producing fake products. To know if a company is reliable, it should contain proof of third part tests and a certificate of analysis since it shows the content of the product.


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