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What CBD Gummies Should I Start With?

September 29, 2022 4 min read

What CBD Gummies Should I Start With.edited (1)

What CBD Gummies Should I Start With?

CBD gummies are popular cannabis products with multiple health benefits. This article will highlight factors to consider when determining the right amount of gummies for first-time users.

CBD gummies come in different potencies; some are more potent than others. Notably, the cannabis market is relatively unregulated. The lapse in CBD regulations offers itself to contraband products in the market. New users may not know what to look for to obtain quality CBD gummies. In addition, CBD gummies have no 'one-size-fits-all' dosage. Yet, overdosing on CBD gummies can cause some side effects. The user, therefore, has an arduous task when choosing, buying, and using the gummies. 

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are chewy sweets laced with CBD. The benefits of CBD gummies are from the presence of CBD. They are used for recreational purposes or medicinal uses. Legal (2022) stated that CBD gummies relieve pain, inflammations, emotional disorders, and insomnia. 

Factors To Consider When Determining The CBD Gummy To Start With

Buying CBD gummies may be intimidating for new users, especially due to the fear of the psychoactive effects associated with cannabis products. However, CBD derived from hemp does not have intoxicating qualities and will not make the user feel 'high.' In contrast, CBD gummies infused with oil from marijuana-derived CBD or one contaminated with THC may become psychoactive. The following are factors to consider when deciding on the right CBD gummy for first-time users;

The Quality of CBD Used in the Gummy

High-quality CBD gummies tend to be more effective than contraband products. They are also safe and do not have side effects. When purchasing the gummies, consider; 

The Certificate of Analysis (COA)?

Lo & M (2022) stated that COA details the list of contents present in a CBD gummy. The COA can help the user decide whether to use or avoid a product. It is usually available on the company's website or can be sent to the user upon request. The availability of the COA means that the company is trustworthy.

Third-party Laboratory Testing

The testing of a CBD gummy by a third-party laboratory confirms that the contents in the CBD gummy are as indicated in the COA. Third-party test results objectively assess contaminants and heavy metals in the product.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews guide determines whether the user will be interested in the CBD gummy. Positive customer reviews mean the company has a good reputation; customers should avoid a CBD product with many negative reviews.

The Dosage of the CBD Gummies

 There is no standard amount of CBD gummies for a beginner. The dosage depends on the user's needs. However, the user must not overdose on CBD gummies because, like every other drug, they have side effects. Liu (2019) noted that diarrhea is a common side effect of consuming larger dosages of CBD products.

The Potency of the CBD Gummy

Potency is the strength of a cannabis product. The potency of a CBD gummy refers to the amount of CBD present in the gummy. The user should start with the least potent CBD gummy and gradually move to the more potent gummies, consistent with the principle of "start small and slow." The potency depends on the CBD spectrum infused in the chewy products. The gummies are categorized into three spectrums. The spectrums are determined by the number of cannabis compounds available in the gummy. When using CBD, the user should start with the mildest spectrum and then progress to a more potent spectrum with time. The following are the main CBD gummy spectrums;

Full-spectrum CBD Gummy

The full spectrum gummy is the most effective; it contains many cannabis components, including THC. Its users enjoy what is known as the entourage experience, meaning that they gain more when they use CBD gummies with many chemical elements than when they use a gummy with one chemical element. The full spectrum CBD gummy is best suited for regular CBD users.

Broad-based CBD Gummy

The broad-based CBD gummy has almost all chemical components from cannabis but lacks THC. Its users enjoy the entourage effect but not as much as they would if they used the full spectrum CBD. The broad-based gummy suits users who want to enjoy the entourage effect without THC.

CBD isolate

The CBD isolate is the mildest and the purest of the spectra. It is, therefore, the best for first-time users. Its users do not experience the entourage effect because it only contains CBD.

The Doctor's Opinion

You may not need a doctor's prescription to buy CBD gummies, but a trip to a doctor is vital for the following reasons;

  • The doctor can guide you on the right gummy based on potency.
  • The doctor can check your medical status to confirm that you are healthy enough to use the gummies.
  • To avoid an overdose on the CBD gummy. Working et al. (2022) suggested that a doctor may calculate the correct amount based on your weight and age.
  • The CBD gummy may have additives and contaminants; a doctor can guide the user on the potential impacts of such chemicals. 
  • The user may be on medications that can cause an interaction with CBD.


CBD gummies are a popular cannabis product for pain, inflammation, insomnia, and emotional distress relief. First-time users may not know how to start using the gummies; they should use them progressively depending on the dosage, the type, the quality, and the potency. High-quality gummies are usually the most effective and have little or no side effects. Therefore, first-timers should not only use high-quality products but also seek medical advice to confirm whether the products are healthy for consumption. 


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