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What Does Delta-8 THC Feel Like?

September 05, 2022 5 min read

What Does Delta-8 THC Feel Like?

What Does Delta-8 THC Feel Like?

THC and CBD are the dominant compounds in the cannabis plant; however, did you know that other compounds are formed out of THC? Delta 8 THC is a compound from THC, which also uniquely reacts with our body. This article will discuss Delta 8 THC, the difference between CBD and Delta-8, and its side effects.

The cannabis plant is one of the most popular plants in the world today; maybe because of its various legality issues or just the many health benefits people claim it to have. The plant has over one hundred compounds, mainly flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. However, apart from those two dominant compounds, another cannabinoid, Delta-8 THC, is the spotlight of this article. Although many people know about the cannabis plant, many still don't know about Delta-8 THC; let's dive deeper and learn more about this compound.

What is Delta-8 THC?

The cannabis plant has over 100 compounds, and although a lot of research has opened up our views on the cannabis plant, many people still don't know much about cannabis. The most dominant compounds in the cannabis plant are CBD and THC. However, Delta-8 THC is also growing in popularity among some cannabis users. Although much research is ongoing, much about this compound is still unknown.

According to Jo et al. (2021), the Delta-8 THC compound isn't that different from the other cannabinoids; it also interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to enhance various bodily functions. The endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors found all over the body. It is found to be responsible for various functions in the body, such as mood and helping the immune system. Furthermore, this system is responsible for sending signals throughout the body and assists with the control of different enzymes.

What is the Comparison between CBD and Delta 8?

Delta-8 THC is very similar to CBD. Furthermore, their composition is very similar and identical, and some companies convert CBD to Delta-8 THC because it usually appears in very small quantities in the cannabis plant. Although these two compounds might have a similarity in their atomic structure, they have a noticeable difference in their effects.

CBD products are popular for their medicinal properties without the high effects; this makes it a priority amongst users of CBD products. According to Bozman et al. (2022), Delta-8 THC has psychoactive properties and might give you a head buzz similar to, but less intense than, THC. If you are looking for an alternative to enjoying the relaxing effects of CBD without getting the intense side effects of THC, then Delta-8 THC might be of interest to you. Some companies even mix the two compounds to create more palatable products and suppress the effects of psychoactive THC Delta-8. Choosing between CBD and Delta-8 THC depends on your preferences and whether you wish to feel the other effects of Delta-8 THC or not.

What are the Benefits of Delta-8 THC?

Avid users of Delta-8 THC normally report a relieving and refreshing experience. Akpunonu et al. (2021) suggested that Delta-8 THC-infused products clear mental fog, improve focus and concentration, and offer relaxation, comfort, and calmness. Some users also report having an improved appetite.

Although these might be the major effects that many users usually feel, the effects might vary from person to person and may take a different length for you to feel the effects. The amount of time it might take to feel the effects of Delta-8 THC may vary for many reasons, such as the consumption method and the concentration of Delta-8 THC.

What are the Forms of Delta-8 THC?

Like CBD, Delta-8 THC comes in various forms that the user can enjoy. Therefore, there has been increased production of affordable Delta-8 THC products. Furthermore, you can easily find Delta-8 THC infused in edible products such as gummies. Apart from being a delicious way of enjoying your Delta-8 THC, edibles offer an amazing way of enjoying the effects of CBD for a longer time.

Another amazing way of enjoying Delta-8 THC is through consuming tinctures. You can consume Delta-8 THC by ingesting it or consuming it sublingually. The tinctures offer a higher bioavailability, especially when administered sublingually, since they won't have to be gut-processed. However, because of the different ways of applying Delta-8 THC, the body might process each product differently.

There are other variations, such as the Delta-9 THC, and although there are some similarities, Delta-8 THC causes a reduced level of anxiety. Kruger et al. (2022) suggested that many users report less intoxication when using Delta-8 THC than when using Delta-9 THC. However, the potency of Delta-8 THC products varies from person to person. After all, there are many variations because there is a great variation in the consumers of Delta-8 THC. However, if you are new to using it, you can start with a lower dosage and opt for a higher one as you find the right dosage for you.

What are the Side Effects of Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC has some advantages for its users as compared to other compounds of cannabis; however, there is a need to take some precautions. THC users normally report feeling dry mouth, drowsiness or grogginess, and the normal body 'high' that comes with using Delta-8 THC. Although these side effects are normally tolerable, you can easily combat these side effects by always staying hydrated. Even though fatigue might be a normal experience when Delta-8 THC is consumed in higher doses, it normally wears off after a few hours.

However, because Delta-8 THC can cause a "high" sensation, you shouldn't operate machinery after consuming these products because it can cause impaired judgment.


CBD and Delta-8 THC have several similarities in their composition; however, the difference is in their psychoactive properties. Delta-8 has been reported to have a much calmer and clear 'high' than THC and other compounds of cannabis; therefore, there is a higher demand for its products. Apart from having these benefits, you must take the necessary precaution as some users report experiencing side effects such as fatigue and grogginess. It would be best to stay hydrated before or after using CBD or Delta-8 THC as they similarly dehydrate the mouth. While purchasing delta-8 THC products, always ensure you confirm the brand's reputation and whether the product has undergone intensive independent third-party testing.


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