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  • August 18, 2022 3 min read


    CBD tinctures are always confused for CBD oils, but they are different products. CBD tinctures are high-proof alcohol-based extracts taken orally or sublingually for absorption and bioavailability. They can come in one or more CBD formulations, including isolate-based, full-spectrum CBD. Here is everything you need to know about CBD tinctures.

    What Is CBD?

    CBD is a non-psychoactive extract from cannabis plants. There are many extracts from CBD oil, including CBG, CBC, and CBT. CBD has a similar structure to many other cannabinoids, only that it binds differently with receptors in the body. It is no wonder that it has non-psychoactive properties, and unlike THC, it does not cause the ‘high’ effect. There are many ways of exploring CBD, including CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, capsules, and topicals.

    Understanding a CBD Tincture

    Refer to high-proof alcohol-based CBD extracts. They may have other ingredients, but alcohol and CBD are the main constituents. Unlike CBD oil, which has carrier oil as the base carrier, tinctures have high-proof alcohol as the base carrier. They have longer shelf lives than CBD oil, and they taste somewhat bitter.

    CBD Tincture Formulations

    CBD oil features three formulations in which you can enjoy them. The same is true of CBD tinctures that have more or less the same source, which also feature three formulations, including;

    1. Full-spectrum CBD tincture; has CBD and the entire gamut of cannabinoids, including the psychoactive THC. Besides, they feature additional compounds, including terpenes and flavonoids.
    2. Broad-spectrum CBD tincture; these high-proof alcohol-based extracts have as many compounds as in full-spectrum tincture, only that they lack THC. Otherwise, you will benefit from terpenes and flavonoids in the tinctures.
    3. Isolate-based CBD tinctures; feature purified CBD without terpenes, flavonoids, or any other compound from cannabis plants.


    Which Formulation of CBD Tincture Is Better?

    With the three formulations for CBD tincture, you may wonder which one is better. No CBD formulation is better than the other, even in tinctures. The varieties are available, so people have several options. Ultimately, the choice of CBD tincture depends on one's preferences.

    How Are CBD Tinctures Made?

    CBD tinctures are manufactured by extracting CBD from hemp surfaces using high-proof alcohol. Unlike CBD oil which features carbon (IV) oxide in its extraction chambers, CBD tinctures use high-proof alcohol in their manufacturing process.  They may have a characteristic bitter taste that most CBD fans find unbearable. After extraction with alcohol, the CBD is based on high-proof alcohol, which may augment the bitter taste. Consequently, CBD tinctures are not only extracted with high-proof alcohol but are also based on it.

    Alcohol Base for Bitter Taste and How to Mask It

    CBD tinctures are high-proof alcohol-based CBD extracts. Because of the alcohol in its structure, tinctures tend to be bitter. Many CBD fans who want to take CBD tinctures but fear their bitter taste use honey or mint to mask the taste. They drop honey below the tongue and follow it with the CBD tincture, which lands on the honey drop and slightly masks its bitter taste. Munching mints after CBD tinctures also help clear the bitter aftertaste. However, if you want the bitter taste unbearable, you may opt for CBD edibles and capsules that have CBD infused in them, allowing one to benefit from CBD without feeling the bitter taste. However, bioavailability might be compromised with CBD capsules and edibles since one must digest them before being absorbed into the bloodstream. While moving through the digestive tract, the edibles ad capsules lose part of their concentration, and a person does not benefit from the entire concentration. There are pros and cons to using any type of CBD deliverable method.

    CBD Tinctures for Longer Shelf Lives

    Although the alcohol basing makes CBD tinctures somewhat bitter, they help preserve the cannabinoid. With high-quality alcohol as the base carrier, the resulting tincture may last 3- 5 years, and refrigerating it lengthens the shelf life even further. Compared to CBD oils, CBD tinctures last longer, and the credit goes to the high-proof alcohol basing. However, if you want a CBD extract with few ingredients, you may want to explore CBD oils. Although some feature essential oils for additional benefits, these have carrier oils as the base ingredient. However, CBD tinctures tend to have more ingredients to mask the bitter taste of alcohol. Depending on the stomach sensitivities, you can always weigh which one sounds better for you.


    CBD tinctures are high-proof alcohol-based CBD extracts. They are extracted from hemp surfaces using high-proof alcohol also the carrier. They may have a bitter taste because of the alcohol but last about 3- 5 years. You can take the CBD tincture with mints or honey drops to mask the bitter taste of alcohol. CBD tinctures are equally effective, and your choice depends on your preferences.