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  • August 23, 2022 5 min read


    Have you ever thought of applying CBD cream to your feet? Maybe you are having pains and aches and would need some relief. After all, your foot does a lot, from moving to helping you stand. At this point, you may think of getting CBD foot cream, thanks to CBD's pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. However, what exactly is CBD foot cream? Please keep reading to find out.

    CBD Foot Cream; What is It?

    CBD is one of the components of cannabis. It does not bring the effect of feeling “high.” This is contrary to its counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol, THC.  However, when CBD gets into your system, it controls your body's response to several things, e.g., pain and sleep. The available studies are promising yet do not have conclusive evidence on what benefits CBD has on your system, how safe it is, and the most appropriate dosage one should take.

    According to Close et al. (2021), some potential benefits of using CBD are linked to its pain-relief and anti-inflammatory properties. This can come in handy when you have inflammations or simply feel pain in the foot. Therefore, you might think of stocking some CBD products, and the crema is a perfect example. So, what is CBD foot cream?

    This product results from soaking marijuana flowers in coconut or olive oil. That people apply the result topically on the skin to aid in pain relief and inflammation.

    How Can CBD Foot Cream Help You?

    CBD helps with pain and inflammation. Therefore, CBD foot cream can help address such pains and aches in your feet thanks to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving abilities.

    Van et al. (2008) advised that when applying CBD foot cream, keep in mind that it can only go as deep as 1 centimeter. Philpott et al. (2017) showed that when using CBD cream to treat foot pain, target the surface, not the sore muscles or any tissues that may be raptured. Therefore, if you need temporary relief from foot pain, CBD foot cream can help. Șerban et al. (2020) reported that individuals with complaints such as plantar fasciitis, which results from working out with no footwear, should not resort to CBD foot cream as a permanent solution. Rather, one needs to take preventive measures such as putting on supportive shoes when working out.

    Therefore, applying CBD foot cream to help with pain relief highly depends on the specific condition of the foot. Some disorders may require surgeries.

    The Best CBD Foot Creams to Buy

    The market contains numerous CBD foot creams. Therefore, making a decision on which to pick can be tricky. However, certain features help differentiate one from the other. These include;

    Soothing/Cooling properties

     This depends on the ingredients contained to hasten the pain-relief process.

    The potency levels

     Not everyone may need a CBD cream with high potency.

    The fragrance

     Some have very strong fragrances, while others are mild. Go for the scent that suits you best.

    Hydrating properties

     These could come in handy when you have dry or cracked heels.

    • Organic properties
    • The texture
    • Absorption properties
    • THC levels
    • Moisturizing properties
    • Versatility; can you use the CBD foot cream on any other body part other than your feet?

    Knowing the best CBD foot cream to purchase can be a hassle. However, there are certain things one can consider before purchasing. For example, you can ask yourself the following questions before buying the CBD foot cream;

    • Does the company provide proof that it has undergone third-party testing?
    • Does the company disclose where they source the hemp they have used in the CBD foot cream?
    • What is the THC content of the CBD cream? Is it 0.3% or below as recommended, or is it more than that?
    • Has it been tested for pesticides, molds, heavy metals, or other contaminants? Did it pass the tests? How many tests has the product undergone?
    • What are the ingredients contained in the CBD foot cream? Does it have artificial colors, dyes, or synthetic fragrances?
    • What is the CBD potency of the foot cream?
    • What are the manufacturing processes used by the company?
    • Is it a trusted brand? What are the customer reviews? Are the company’s health claims backed up? How long has it been in the market, and what is its reputation? Does it offer a variety of full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD foot creams from which you can choose?
    • What is the price?

    Knowing the answers to these questions can help you know the quality of the CBD cream you are buying. However, you may need to consider more than one of the factors. For instance, a CBD foot cream that is excessively expensive may not mean it is the best one to buy. On the other hand, you don't expect to obtain a high-quality CBD foot cream at a throw-away price.  Moreover, the fact that CBD foot creams from particular brands are readily available does not mean that they are the best or most effective options. Therefore, ensure adequate research to get proper information and make the right choice.

    Remember, when buying CBD cream, you should be keen on the type of CBD it contains. Is it full-spectrum or broad-spectrum? What are the differences between the two? Unlike the full spectrum, which contains all the beneficial compounds in the cannabis plant, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids with low traces of THC, broad-spectrum CBD does not contain THC but all the other beneficial compounds.

    When to See a Doctor

    At times, applying the CBD foot cream topically to the affected area may not be the best solution. Remember that it helps with pain and inflammation on your feet, but certain conditions may require you to see the doctor. Such include;

    • When the pain is so severe and persists even after alleviating it with CBD foot cream.
    • When the pain is prolonged, with no changes.
    • When there are signs of underlying infection, e.g., pus or blisters.


    CBD foot cream is great for relieving pain and inflammation on foot. You can easily soothe the aches by applying the cream topically to the affected area. Importantly, it would help if you considered what it contains, among other things, to determine whether it is the right one for you or not. However, remember that certain cases require prompt check-ups by a health professional. So, don’t ignore any signs of persistence in the pain. Also, consult with your doctor if you are already under certain medications.


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