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  • August 19, 2022 5 min read

    What Is CBD Night Cream?

    Night creams are a huge business when sold in shiny tiny jars at swanky prices at high-end skincare boutiques. In certain cases, they use ambient light to illuminate them on a beautiful mirror display. However, they seem to have discovered anything significant at this time (CBD). Even though night creams are a huge thing, CBD adds a whole new level of awesomeness to the already excellent night creams.

    This article discusses why CBD night cream is superior to the competition. It will also discuss the benefits of CBD night creams and how to use one to get the most out of your night beauty regimen. Moreover, it will demonstrate that you don't need to leave the comfort of your own home to get a CBD night cream at a reasonable price. The best skin care is all you need, not a glitzy experience.

    CBD Night Cream

    These are night creams infused with CBD. A night cream is a moisturizing lotion that works best at night. Pradhan (2011) discovered that these night-time creams provide moisturization and hydration and aid in cellular repair and regeneration because the skin rejuvenation power is at its most at night. These creams eliminate grime and dirt particles from the pores to improve the skin's health.

    What's The Purpose Of A CBD Night Cream For Your Skin?

    The importance of a night skincare routine, the purpose of a night cream, and why a CBD night cream enhances the care offered by your nightly regimen.

    Why Nighttime Skincare Is Critical

    The skin starts to decompress in the evening as melatonin levels increase, and you start to drift off to sleep. When you're awake, your skin is constantly trying to protect itself against free - radicals in the air, the sun, and other external aggressors, such as touching your face. At night, it starts to convert from its daytime form of self-defense to a new one. A few hours after a hard day, the skin starts to mend and restore itself. The skin's natural cell turnover maintains it smooth, fresh, and vivid. While you sleep, the skin revives itself from the inside out. To replace the old and dead skin cells, the inner layers of the skin produce newer cells, which are then pushed to the surface. According to Reilly& Lozano (2021), collagen production offers your skin a supple appearance and slows down the aging process. As you sleep, your skin is working. Warming up your skin as you sleep makes it more absorbent of skincare products. With nighttime skincare routines, your skin's natural processes are supported and you get an additional dose of care when you need it most.

    What A Night Cream Does

    Mohiuddin (2019) noted that one might use night creams to assist your skin's natural processes like cellular proliferation and collagen synthesis while also replenishing and reviving your skin's moisture levels. Stallings. & Lupo (2009) explained that Collagen formation and moisturization are two of the activities that many night creams concentrate on more than the others. It's a common misconception that night cream is only necessary for the elderly, yet the contrary is true. All ages and skin types enter this restorative condition at night, which may be aided by using a quality night cream.

    The Benefits Of Using A CBD Night Cream Instead Of A Regular One

    You may question why a CBD night cream would be better than other night creams you've used. You may also have heard of the overall advantages of CBD and question why it would be beneficial to include it in your skincare regimen. For this reason, it's important to remember that the same endocannabinoid receptors found throughout your body are also found on the surface of your skin. This implies that your body already has a processing mechanism that enables CBD to be absorbed via your skin. This is wonderful news for skin care products since it implies that CBD may be applied topically to the skin, allowing us to get the advantages of CBD without having to take it orally. Our faces are generally the places where we need the most help with our skincare.

    To Get The Most Out Of Your CBD Night Cream, Exfoliation Is Essential.

    Your skin on its own carries out the process of exfoliation. Involved in this is the previously discussed process of cellular reprogramming and replacement. A dull look might result from accumulated dead cells on your skin's surface. But there's a lot more to it. When you wash, your skin sheds these dead surface cells, but as you age, it becomes increasingly important to help this natural process of shedding those dead skin cells. You might lose your skin's brightness as you grow older since your skin's natural rejuvenation process slows down as you age. Using a physical or chemical property, exfoliation removes those old skin cells and gives your face a more polished and refined texture. You'll seem more rested and brighter by including exfoliation in your regular skincare regimen at least twice a week. At night, when your skin's natural healing process begins, you may reap the benefits of these skincare products by using a gentle exfoliation method. This method will assist your CBD serum and night cream in soaking more effectively into your skin. You've cleaned the surface of your skin and then given it an additional layer of care while you sleep, allowing your skin to perform its finest job. A CBD exfoliant will introduce CBD advantages to this phase of your beauty regimen.


    Using skin care products repeatedly tends to have a diminishing return on your investment. Instead, CBD night creams perform the reverse of that. The longer and more often you use a CBD night cream, the more beneficial it is for your complexion. Developing a bedtime skin care regimen that you can consistently adhere to is essential. Apply your CBD night cream after cleansing with a mild cleanser in the evening. You'll get the finest benefits by doing it every night before sleeping. With that information, you are probably convinced of replacing your regular night cream with a CBD night cream.


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