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September 05, 2022 5 min read



What is CBD oil? What is CBG? How best can an individual consume CBD oil? What are some CBD oil forms in the market that individuals can easily access? How best can an individual store CBG oil? This article explains CBD oil, and different forms of CBG oil, among other related aspects.

CBG oil is not known to many as the famous CBD oil. It is time to embrace this new product due to its endless benefits. CBG was discovered in1960. Since then, much research has been undertaken on how humans can benefit from it. The current information shows that it can treat many ailments, including colon cancer.

What is CBG?

CBG means cannabigerol and is a compound derived from the hemp plant. Individuals may be familiar with the most abundant cannabinoid, THC, and CBD. The most amazing thing is that without CBG, CBD and THC do not exist. CBG is the main compound of these other compounds, CBD and THC. However, CBG is less abundant than the two other compounds. Ripe hemp ready for harvest can only produce 1% of CBG. CBG products are expensive for this reason. However, scientists are doing various modifications to increase the production of CBG to meet the current demand for the compound.

Teitelbaum (2019) explained that CBG, like CBD, is not psychoactive as taking it will not make you feel high. Taking CBG interacts with the high feeling of THC. There are various methods of extracting CBG from hemp. These methods include alcohol, hydrocarbon extraction, and the use of CO2. The best method of isolating CBG is the use of CO2 put under high temperatures and pressure. This method produces the purest CBG free from impurities such as THC.

What is CBG oil?

Once CBG is extracted from hemp, it is used to manufacture oil; thus, CBG is consumed in the form of oil known as CBG oil. There are different types of CBG oil in the market which are:

CBD Isolate CBG oil

Gibbs et al. (2019) explained that this oil contains pure CBG with no other cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, or terpenes and is the most expensive and rarest brand. It benefits those who want to benefit from CBG without taking other hemp compounds.

Full-Spectrum CBG oil

Full-spectrum CBG oil contains all hemp plant components, including THC and CBD. Many people go for Full-spectrum products as they get to offer THC in a beneficial way rather than in its intoxicating form. Experts argue that taking more than one cannabinoid together increases the effectiveness of treating ailments through the entourage effect.

Broad-spectrum CBG oil

This type of oil contains CBG and other cannabinoids such as CBD. It is free from THC. This oil may also have other components, such as terpenes. This type is also very effective as it contains more than one cannabinoid.

How is CBG Oil Consumed?

Just as CBD oil, CBG can be taken in many ways, such as;

Placing Oil Under The Tongue

It is the most common way of taking CBG oil. Fleisch & Woodbridge (2022) explained that you could place a few drops of CBG oil under the tongue using a dropper. Allow it to remain there for about 60 seconds. If you are comfortable with the clinical, grassy, and bitter taste of CBG, you can extend up to two minutes before swallowing. It allows maximum absorption of CBG as the tongue has numerous blood vessels.


You can also swallow CBG oil without allowing it to remain under the tongue. However, swallowing CBG weakens it by interfering with its potency. Once the CBG mixes with food, it is absorbed slowly into the bloodstream compared to the CBG placed under the tongue. If you choose to swallow CBG, do it on an empty stomach.

Topical Application

Cream (2020) explained that CBG oil could be infused in various skin care products such as balms and lotions. Such products are applied directly to the skin. Since CBG has therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects, it can soothe the skin, alleviating minor pains.

In Edibles

Individuals can add CBG oil to any food or drink, including tea, smoothies, and snacks. Individuals can enjoy taking CBG with their favorite dish. Again, this is another way for those who want to enjoy the effects of CBG but want to avoid its naked taste.

CBG Oil Capsules.

CBD capsules are also a good way of avoiding the bitter grassy taste of CBG. They come in pre-measured dosages. Therefore, it is easy to tell how much CBG you have consumed in a day.

How is CBG Oil Stored?

CBG, like CBD, is highly sensitive to high temperatures and light. If exposed to such temperatures, its potency is affected. Once the oil potency is lost, its effectiveness is lost as well. High light breaks down the properties in CBG, making it less effective. Therefore, CBG oil should be stored in air-tight containers in a dark room.

CBG oil dosage

There is no universal dosage for CBG products. Since CBG is non-intoxicating, you can take as much as possible until you feel the intended effects. For a starter, you can start with a low dosage and increase gradually until you feel its effects. It would be best if you were consistent and patient as some of the effects may take a long to show.

Side effects

Currently, there are no known serious side effects of CBG. However, there are few known side effects such as increased appetite, dry mouth, fatigue, and an increase in sleep. Also, there is no information on the safety of CBG for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Since you want to be safe and your child too, avoid taking Any CBG supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. CBG has not shown any interactions with pharmaceutical drugs. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any CBG while on medication.


CBG oil is a compound derived from the hemp plant. This oil can be consumed by being placed under the tongue, swallowed, taken as capsules, or taken in foods and drinks. CBG oil can also be used topically on the skin. There are three types of CBG oil: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBG isolate oil. CBG oil is sensitive to high temperatures and light. Store it in an air-tight container in a dark, cool room. There is a universal dosage for CBG products. However, CBG is non-intoxicating; it will not cause serious side effects even when taken in larger amounts. CBG may cause side effects such as fatigue and changes in appetite.


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