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What Is Shatter

August 31, 2022 5 min read

What Is Shatter

What Is Shatter

Cannabidiol (CBD), a Phyto cannabinoid derived from cannabis, is concentrated in CBD shatter. It is a legal substitute for high-THC cannabis concentrates, which are subsequently utilized to create vaporizers, infused drinks, and edibles. Pure CBD, terpenes, and solvents make up the strong and adaptable cannabis concentrate known as CBD shatter. It can be used as a stand-alone product or combined with other consumables for a stronger effect. The three primary forms of CBD Shatter are wax, crumble, and crystal. The wax comes in 70g containers, each containing 10 organic vegan shatters or 70mg of CBD. Each crumble contains 100mg of CBD and comes in 50g containers with 10 organic vegan pieces.

What Is CBD

CBD, an abbreviation of Cannabidiol, is one of the more than 100+ in the hemp plant. This compound, including the THC, causes the high effect felt when consuming the CBD product. Other compounds include CBD terpenes and flavonoids. However, if you are unfamiliar with terpenes, this compound is responsible for the aromatic smell and flavor. Terpenes are found in numerous plants and come in different plants. Its broad types include limonene and Citrus. Limonene is found in most plants, such as lemon, which the compound coins its name.

CBD Extraction

Different methods can be used to extract CBD oil. It can be extracted through the use of CO2 or the use of a solvent or heating. In the CO2 extraction, the plants are placed in a cylinder and then exposed to lower temperatures. High pressure is fueled into the cylinder containing C02, pulling the different compounds from the buds stem and trichomes of the hemp plant. The product undergoes pressure through CO2 that aims at getting the highest potent CBD with a high-quality CBD product free from impurities.

Solvent extraction involves using hydrocarbon solvent extract such as butane. Numerous solvents, such as methanol, can be used, but the most common solvent is butane which has made CBD shatter earn its street name as BHO or hash oil. The raw materials are placed on a cylinder; otherwise, the extract is mixed with components. Therefore, the solvent is dissolved with the CBD compounds and filtered to acquire CBD. Filtration should be thoroughly to obtain isolated CBD. (Rochfort et al.  (2020) suggested that CBD oil settles on the lower surface oil while heating the raw materials.

The Effects Of CBD Shatter

CBD shatter, which is used to get the benefits of CBD, can be used to gain the benefits of CBD isolate. CBD, from previous research, has numerous health and therapeutic benefits derived from the use of CBD.

Reduced Anxiety

Lifestyle can cause many triggers, affecting how people perform their daily activities and conduct themselves. When taken, the CBD infused, which is through the process of vaping, enters the bloodstream where the directed ailments are. For instance, Mikulska et al. (2021) noted that CBD  had shown benefits in influencing the serotonin, and cortisol hormones, which are responsible for the body's homeostasis. When in the body, the compound comes with CB1 receptors, which influence the secretion of serotonin while inhibiting the calcium stores. These two hormones lead to a relaxed mood which results in a lower stress level and reduces panic and anxiety levels.

Reduced Pain and Muscles Relaxation

Through exercise, the body can experience severe muscle tears and break down. The fibers are responsible for the pain that one experiences. The pain is also a result of the extensive friction that is experienced between the muscles. CBD has shown the ability to reduce pain to emancipate yourself from pain; Britch et al. (2020) revealed that CBD could influence the cytokines and hormones responsible for pain management.

It also influences the messaging signals of pain to the brain. Consumption of CBD-infused products causes the pain signals to be altered, reducing the amount of pain that is perceived after consuming CBD-infused products. Its pain-relieving properties have made it preferred by athletes in contrast to opioids, which over the recent years have shown their capability of addiction. Moreover, CBD also can reduce the addictive properties of some drugs.

Improved Sleep

CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant, one of the most studied compounds in humans. It has been shown to have various effects and benefits on the body, including improved sleep quality.

Oxidative Stress and Sleep Disorders

Oxidative stress refers to the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are molecules that can cause damage to healthy cells. ROS react with cellular components such as proteins and fats in this process to form damaged products called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). AGEs are known to be associated with reduced levels of sleep quality, poor mood, and cognition.

Agarwal et al. (2012) suggested that cannabinoids can decrease oxidative stress by reducing the formation of AGEs in our bodies. This is one reason why CBD can help improve sleep quality.


Cannabinoids, also referred to as "CBD," have become more well-known as medicinal marijuana, and its derivatives have come under increasing scrutiny. Due to its potential benefits in numerous areas, CBD has been the subject of extensive investigation in recent years. Learn everything there is to know about CBD shatter, such as how it is produced, what it is used for, and where you can purchase some for yourself.

Although effective, CBD has been a bit of a craze so far. Before it is more commonly recognized, further clinical study must be conducted into its advantages and disadvantages. Given its existing market share, CBD is undoubtedly worth researching further and may have useful medical uses beyond those now associated with its effectiveness.


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