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What Is the Ideal Wattage to Use on My CBD Vape Cartridge When Vaping CBD?

September 16, 2022 5 min read

What Is the Ideal Wattage to Use on My CBD Vape Cartridge When Vaping CBD?

What Is the Ideal Wattage to Use on My CBD Vape Cartridge When Vaping CBD?

The recommended wattage for vaping CBD oil is below thirty watts since it will not burn the oil. This guide explains the types of CBD e-liquids, the best wattage for vaping CBD e-liquid, how to find the ideal wattage, why specific E-liquid is more suitable for higher watts, and how long does a CBD vape cart last.

Most people nowadays prefer taking their CBD dose through vaping because of its bioavailability meaning its effects are felt faster. The CBD industry accommodates all types of people regarding vape carts since you can find various CBD carts to choose from, such as pre-filled carts, disposable carts, and CBD oil and e-juice vape carts. You should know that the right configurations and devices should accommodate the type of e-juice you choose to start a new CBD vape routine. You should also know that various CBD e- liquids are suitable for low wattages while others are for higher wattages.

Types of CBD E-Liquids

Two forms of CBD e-liquids are available, each with its vaping system. What differentiates these two e-liquids is what they contain, but the only thing similar between them is they have an oil soluble CBD extract.

Type One: CBD Vape Oils

It must have had CBD vape oil if you have used a pre-filled cart or a disposable device. CBD vape oil is hardly available in bottles. They are mostly used with vaping setups that already have e-liquid. So, what is CBD vape oil? According to Conuel et al. (2020), a CBD vape oil s an oily substance with pure hemp extract or may also have hemp extract diluted in a specific carrier oil such as MCT oil. Cho et al. (2017) noted that this type of e-liquid is available in various strains since some have terpenes, a compound in the hemp plant responsible for flavor and taste. If your vape oil only has hemp extract, it is very potent. It is not that potent if it has carrier oil since it’s available in various concentrations.

Type Two: CBD Vape Juices

Love et al. (2022)noted that CBD vape juice does not have any nicotine, unlike traditional vape juice. CBD vape juice is mostly available in an e-liquid bottle and is designed for a refillable vaping system. It has a thin consistency and normally has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) as its base. They are also available in various flavors and CBD mg strengths.

The Best Wattage for Vaping CBD E-Liquid

Levya et al. (2020)stated that, unlike the other cannabinoids, CBD contains a low boiling point. It means that vaping CBD oil at a higher wattage could burn your oil, making it less effective due to incineration. However, the good news is that most vape pens are easy to control. Hence you should begin with around 10 watts and gradually increase it until you find your perfect hit. You should not exceed thirty watts since you could burn your oil. Many CBD vape pens come while they are preset at the ideal temperature. Hence the reason why such pens aren’t adjustable. Although it looks like they have given you the freedom to choose what you want, it is good since you are assured of not scorching your CBD oil.

How to Find the Ideal Wattage

The higher your wattage, the more vapors your cart emits. The amount of wattage also affects the flavor of your oil, so you may find some wattage tastier than others. When your cart is at a higher wattage, its effects become undesirable in your throat. You should ensure you do not harm your throat even though you love harsher hits.

You should begin with as low as five watts since it helps you know whether you like its strength and flavor if you are new to CBD vaping. You can increase it to ten watts if unsatisfied. Continue adjusting the watts until you find your desired effects. However, do not exceed thirty watts.

Why Specific E-Liquid Are More Suitable for Higher Watts

A normal CBD e-liquid should be inhaled at around ten to thirty watts. However, the ideal wattage range depends on the form of e-liquid that you decide to utilize. Vape oils should be inhaled at around ten to fifteen watts. The same also applies to vape juices.

The difference has to do with VG and PG amounts in the e-liquid. The reason is vape oils are highly concentrated; hence they are most likely to burn if exposed to high temperatures. Once they burn, their tastes change; hence it becomes impossible for you to attain your desired effects since they are rendered ineffective.

CBD vape juices also have PG and VG, which acts as the bases of the cannabinoid present in the hemp extract. PG and VG allow the perfect consistency enabling the e-liquid to turn to vapor instead of burning.

How Long Does a CBD Vape Cart Last

Various factors may affect how long your vape cart last. These factors include:

The Size of Your Cartridge

Vape carts come in different sizes. The standard size is one gram, but you can find other carts ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 grams. Your cartridge should last longer if it contains a higher concentration.

The Type of Wattage

The higher the wattage, the more the vapor emitted per puff. If you want your carts to last, you should lower their wattage. However, you should be aware that its effectiveness will decrease. Also, a higher wattage may burn your oil; hence you should find an ideal wattage.

Size of Puffs You Take

You should know that your vape cart won’t last long if you love taking bigger puffs. You should aim at taking smaller puffs if you want to conserve your e-liquid.


The ideal wattage on your CBD vape cart should be less than thirty. CBD has a low boiling point, and exposure to higher temperatures may burn the oil, making it ineffective. You should be aware that a lower wattage decreases the effects of your vaping experience, but it is better than having scorched and ineffective CBD oil instead. If you are new to vaping, you should start with as low as five watts. It will help you know whether you like its potency or flavor. When you get used to it, you can increase its wattage but not exceed thirty watts.


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