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September 05, 2022 5 min read



Like CBD, delta- 8 THC is becoming more popular in the cannabis world. As more people embrace the cannabinoid, we see the introduction of water-soluble delta- 8 THC, a version of the cannabinoid that dissolves in water. This article takes you through delta- 8 THC, how it is produced, and the challenge in its production.

Delta- 8 THC is a milder form of TCH, and unlike the more psychoactive delta- 9 THC, it is not highly intoxicating. One study calls it the much better sibling of delta- 9 since it is not strongly intoxicating and stands somewhere between CBD and delta- 9. Water-soluble delta- 8 THC dissolves in water and is available in drinks, edibles, topicals, capsules, and tinctures. Although the process of making water-soluble delta- 8 THC is rather expensive, the final products are worth it. They are more bioavailable and allow you to feel much delta- 8 THC effects fast. Here is all you need to know about delta- 8 THC and its water-soluble version.

What Is Delta- 8 THC?

First thing, you must know what delta- 8 THC is before looking at the production of the water-soluble version. Delta- 8 THC is a variant of THC. According to Schlienz et al. (2018), THC is psychoactive in action and the very compound responsible for the high effect you feel while smoking weed. Unlike CBD, another cannabinoid known for its non-psychoactive effects, it does not make you high. THC is an umbrella term with many variants, including delta- 8 THC. What is unique about delta 8 THC?

Why Do People Opt for Delta- 8 THC?

As the hype and demand for CBD products grow, many people embrace delta- 8. It comes in gummies, vapes, brownies, cookies, smokables, and chocolates, although you can also enjoy its benefits in tinctures, topicals, and caps. Why the much hype around delta- 8? According to Kruger & Kruger (2022), delta 8 is the nicer sibling of delta since it boasts mild intoxicating effects. In fact, people look at delta 8 THC as being between the non-psychoactive CBD and the more psychoactive delta- 9. Thus, delta- 8 THC allows you to feel CBD benefits without getting you overly high, hence why many people like it. Fans also relate to it because it is readily available; you can find it online and in the stores.

Water-Soluble Delta- 8 THC: What Is It?

Back to the meat of the article, you want to know what water-soluble delta 8 THC is. As the name suggests, it is a delta- 8 THC version that dissolves in water. According to Precision Extraction Solutions, people are fast shifting from the traditional carbonated drinks and want their much newer cannabis-infused version. Studies keep appreciating various cannabinoids, and people want to consume them in drinks and beverages, making the water-soluble versions of the much-wanted delta 8 THC more important. Besides, Bergeria et al. (2022) reported that delta- 8 THC has therapeutic effects, and people are fast embracing it.

The Benefits of Water-Soluble THC

Do you want to try water-soluble delta 8 THC products? This is a new concept, and studies about it are on the way. Thus, much is yet to be known about it, as far as the benefits of this delta- 8 THC version are concerned. So far, it is clear that water-soluble delta- 8 THC dissolves in water, unlike the regular version that only dissolves in fats and oils. What is the benefit of this? It means that water-soluble delta- 8 THC products are more bioavailable and soluble. High solubility and bioavailability allow you to get the most out of the product in question and feel the effects fast.

The Challenge in Making Water-Soluble THC

Despite the many benefits of water-soluble delta- 8 THC, it has many challenges. The biggest issue with delta- 8 THC and making its water-soluble version is that the process is expensive and requires a lot of capital investment. As the next section shows, expensive tools are needed for the process, making things complicated. Yet, despite much investment, things do not always go as planned. In some cases, the process may not be successful, leading to the production of delta- 8 THC products with poor and unnecessary layering. When using the water-soluble delta- 8 THC in making drinks and beverages, manufacturers find it challenging to produce normal bubbly drinks, which is quite disappointing.

What You Need to Make Delta- 8 THC

Are you interested in making water-soluble versions of delta- 8 THC? As mentioned in the above section, it requires a lot of capital investments and when things work as intended, rest assured to celebrate the success. First, you must know the right extraction method to use in hemp to extract delta- 8 THC. Several methods are appropriate and can use ethanol, solvents, or CO2 gas. Once delta- 8 THC is separated from the rest of the compounds in hemp, it goes to the next stage, where it is further micro-processed to make it water-soluble. The next stage is called nanoemulsification, which breaks substances into extremely small molecules called nanoparticles. Although the benefits of the process are yet to be proved by studies, it is clear that it forces substances that would not mix (like water and oil) to mix, as the Precision Extraction Solutions is observed. You need an emulsifier for the process, which is the expensive part of water-soluble delta- 8 THC production.

Water-Soluble Delta- 8 THC Products for You

As the delta- 8 demand and hype increase, more products emerge. From edibles to tinctures, you can have your favorite delta- 8 THC picks. The same is true of water-soluble options; water-soluble delta- 8 THC products are available in a wide spectrum, including vapes, tinctures, oils, topicals, edibles, and capsules. So far, the sales are impressive since people believe in the high availability of such products. Yet, the FDA reports that delta- 8 THC products are not all safe, and some brands offer low-quality picks, explaining why you need to choose your products wisely.


Delta- 8 THC is a milder version of THC, the milder THC variant. Many like it for offering THC benefits without getting you extremely high. Water-soluble delta- 8 THC dissolves in water, and many fans report high bioavailability with it. Producing water-soluble delta 8 THC is expensive, but the results are impressive. The delta 8 THC is extracted using an appropriate method with a solvent ethanol, or CO2. The next stage is nanemulsification which leaves the particles further broken down into much smaller molecules. Water-soluble delta 8 THC comes in different products, including vapes, oils, edibles, topicals, and capsules, which you can find online and in the stores.


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