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What to Know Before You Buy CBD Oil

September 07, 2022 5 min read

What to Know Before You Buy CBD Oil

What to Know Before You Buy CBD Oil

CBD oil is popular because it is versatile. Read this article to know more about the types of CBD oil. You will also know the factors to consider when buying CBD oil which include the side effects of CBD oil and its potency.

CBD oil (a hemp product) has not always been popular. Before 2018, CBD oil was illegal in most states in the US as it was on the controlled substances list with drugs like LSD and heroin. Upon the removal of hemp (from which CBD and CBD oil are derived) from the controlled substances list by the US arm Bill (2018), CBD became popular globally. More industries joined the CBD market to produce CBD products in the form that the user wants. CBD oil is the most common and versatile CBD product used for DIYs. Read on to know more about CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is oil that has been laced with CBD (cannabidiol). The oil acts as a carrier. CBD is a component of hemp or marijuana, which is mistaken for the same plant. Hemp and marijuana are not the same, but they are both cannabis. Hemp is cannabis that has 0.3% or less THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC and CBD are two of the other hundreds of chemical components in cannabis. THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects felt when using marijuana, which exists in plenty (can reach 90%).

Factors to Consider When Buying CBD Oil

Poornima (2020) stated that the legality of CBD oil had boosted its acceptance in many nations. However, finding the perfect CBD oil is challenging, especially for new users. The CBD market is vast and unregulated, which makes it difficult for users to find the best oil. The main disadvantage when buying CBD is that the product may be a fake concoction masquerading as CBD oil. The consequences of using fake CBD oil may be severe and have even led to the death of some users. Below is everything that you should know before you buy CBD oil.

The Types of CBD Oil

CBD oils are not the same. All CBD products are grouped in categories known as spectrum depending on how effective the product is. The entourage effect is a term used to describe the effectiveness of a product based on the number of cannabis components it contains. Nahler (2019) discussed how the presence of multiple chemical components contributes to the entourage effect. The more cannabis components in the CBD oil, the more effective the product is. Below are the three main types of CBD oil;

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The full spectrum CBD oil is considered the most effective of the three types of CBD oils. The user of the full spectrum CBD oil experiences the entourage effect because the oil contains a majority of CBD components, including THC. However, THC in CBD oil is usually 0.3% or less because most CBD oils are hemp-derived.

The Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

The user of the broad spectrum CBD oil has as many chemical components of CBD except THC. The broad spectrum has the entourage effect, but it is not as effective as the full spectrum CBD and is popular among users who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil without THC.

The CBD Isolate Oil

CBD isolate oil is considered the purest form of CBD and is the best choice for first-time users of CBD oil because it is the mildest form of CBD oil. CBD isolate oil has only one cannabis element, cannabidiol. The user does not enjoy the entourage effect.

The Potency of CBD Oil

Potency means strength. The amount of CBD per milliliter will determine the potency of the CBD oil. The more CBD in CBD oil, the more potent the CBD oil. The potency and the effectiveness are not the same qualities as CBD oil can be potent yet not effective and vice versa. Nahler (2022) stated the importance of observing the potency of CBD oil in treating chronic illnesses such as cancer.

The Reputation of the Company

The company's reputation gives the user a hint on what to expect from CBD oil. The user should research that before buying the product. The following are the characteristics of a company that has a good reputation;

  • The company has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on its website, or you can get it on request. Roman (2022) indicated that the COA contains the details of the measurable contents of the CBD oil. Suppose the company seems evasive about availing of its COA. It will be best that the prospective buyer avoids the product because it may contain harmful ingredients and additives that the company does not wish to disclose.
  • Testing by a third-party laboratory means the laboratory has tested the contents and has confirmed that the contents are as the COA indicates.
  • The customers' reviews are critical to new CBD oil users who may not know the qualities to look for when buying good quality CBD oil. If the reviews are positive, it may be safe to purchase CBD oil.

The Doctors' Opinion

When using CBD oil to treat an ailment, seek the doctor's opinion first. The doctor's opinion is important because of the following reasons;

  • You may have an underlying disease that will worsen if you use CBD oil.
  • The doctor can check your CBD oil for any harmful additives or ingredients.
  • If you are on any medication, the doctor may check them to confirm that they cannot interact with CBD oil.
  • The doctor may recommend the best places where you can buy CBD oil.

The Legality of CBD Use in Your Locality

Be familiar with the laws of your jurisdiction before buying CBD oil. The fact that some countries do not have nor forbid CBD oil has created a loophole since CBD products are available online. However, purchasing it does not mean you can use it in your locality, and in some places, you may get a hefty fine or a jail term for using CBD oil.

The Side Effects o CBD Oil

CBD oil is harmless, but like most drugs, it will cause some side effects if misused, e.g., overdosing, or if it has additives and additives that are harmful to the user. Some CBD oils have contaminants. The side effects include dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. You can reduce the dosage or stop using CBD oil if you notice some side effects. If the symptoms persist even after you stop using the CBD oil, seek medical advice.


CBD oil is oil that has been infused with CBD. The oil is a carrier. The CBD market is unregulated, so finding the best CBD oil is difficult, especially for first-time users. Some factors that the user should consider when buying CBD oil are potency and effectiveness, which may confuse some people. The amount of CBD determines the strength of the CBD oil that it contains, while the composition of the CBD oil determines its effectiveness. While CBD oil may not be harmful to the user, it can cause some side effects, which are usually traced to the additives, ingredients, and contaminants that it may have. If the side effects persist, the user should visit a doctor.


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