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  • August 18, 2022 5 min read


    Do you feel like your skin hasn’t reached its potential? Do you wish to have clear and smooth skin that leaves your skin feeling flawless? After using other facial scrubs, does your skin feel tight and uncomfortable? Look no further. The cannabidiol (CBD)-infused facial scrub nourishes your skin, helping your skin reveal its true potential. After using it, it will make you have a brighter, radiant, and refreshed skin.

    CBD face scrub can be used at any time. To know more about what you should consider before incorporating the CBD facial mask into your morning or evening skincare routine, continue reading to find out. We all want to get the most out of our daily skincare routine, and knowing when to use and how to use the CBD facial scrub is one of the steps that wil lead to you having a productive skincare routine.

    What is CBD?

    Nelson et al. (2020) commented that Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a chemical found in the cannabis plant. Examples of cannabis plants are hemp and marijuana plants. The hemp plant is where CBD is extracted since it does not contain THC, which can give you the effect of being ‘high’. But the marijuana plant has high levels of THC hence can ace you to get high. Due to this reason, CBD is mostly extracted from the hemp plant. But the main compound found in the cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is known as the psychoactive cannabinoid since it gives someone the feeling of being high. Unlike THC, which is psychoactive, CBD cannot make you high. Due to this quality, Blake et al. (2017) commented that CBD is popular for those who want to be relieved from pain and do not want to get the effects of cannabis.

    CBD has several health benefits besides topical products such as scrubs, lotions, facial masks, and balms. These benefits include: it can relieve you from anxiety, help you be relieved from pain, help you reduce cancer-related symptoms, and help you reduce your acne or if you have a skin condition.

    Types of CBD Facial Scrub

    The CBD facial scrub can be available in three types, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate.

    Full Spectrum CBD

    This scrub contains all the parts of the cannabis plant, which are CBD, THC, flavonoid and. The full spectrum has less than 0.3 percent of THC.

    Broad Spectrum CBD

    The type of scrub has most of the cannabis plant compound. But unlike full spectrum scrub, the broad spectrum contains very small traces of THC.

    Isolate CBD

    According to Marinotti et al. (2020), this facial scrub only has CBD. It has no traces of any other cannabinoids or even THC. It is also known as pure CBD since it has CBD only.

    Benefits of CBD for Skin

    Reduce Breakouts: If you are experiencing blackheads or breakouts, Perez et al. (2022) noted that CBD can greatly help you because of its oil production regulation in the sebocytes, which produce sebum oil that leads to acne formation.

    Hydration: CBD helps your skin not be dehydrated due to its moisturizing properties.

    Soothe Eczema: Because of its anti-inflammatory purposes, CBD helps combat irritation caused by eczema. If you have other skin conditions such as psoriasis, CBD may be of help too.

    The Best Time to Use CBD Facial Scrub

    Exfoliating is good for your skin, making this possible by using a face scrub. Before getting to when you should use your CBD face scrub, exfoliating is required to get the most out of it, and in return, you benefit your skin. By exfoliating, you have done away with dead skin to make room for new skin. The CBD facial scrub is a good facial exfoliator since it is infused with CBD, which greatly benefits your face. It leaves your face feeling healthy, glowing, and smooth.

    What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Exfoliate Using CBD Facial Scrub?

    Suppose you have been wondering when is the best time to use the CBD facial scrub and reap its maximum benefits. Look no further. If you are wondering which is the best time to exfoliate, during the day or night, Lee et al. (2011) advised that you can reap maximum benefits when you exfoliate in the morning. The reason is that it helps get rid of the oils that were produced during the night. When you exfoliate during the morning, you leave your face feeling smooth since dead skin, oils, and impurities have been removed.

    How Often Should You Use The CBD Facial Scrub?

    Exfoliation provides better results if you do not do it every day. Let your skin rest in between your exfoliating routine so that your skin gets time to absorb all the goodness that the CBD facial scrub is giving it. Use the CBD facial scrub around 2-3 times weekly to get the maximum benefits.

    How to Use the CBD Facial Scrub

    Apply a small product to your hands, put it on your already cleansed skin, and then massage your face using gentle circular movements.

    Remember to follow the instructions given and not be tempted to leave it for long periods than what is recommended.

    After you are done exfoliating your face, make sure to rinse your face thoroughly, then afterward, pat your face using a dry clean towel. After that, remember to apply a moisturizer or Shea butter so that your skin may retain the moisture, leaving your face looking radiant.


    If you use heavy makeup, you can scrub during nighttime to remove the dirt in your pores that build up during the day. However, if you use minimal or no makeup, exfoliating during the morning is better. This is because it helps unclog your pores with oils accumulated during the night. It’s also easier to remove the dead skins and impurities during the morning than at night. The CBD facial scrub will help you in your exfoliating process, leaving your skin feeling healthy. Due to its other additional benefits like anti-inflammation properties, you will get maximum benefits when using it.


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