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  • August 27, 2022 4 min read


    Applying CBD oil is dependent on the type of pains one needs to alleviate. It may rely on the specific body part to be treated in it-the area where the pain is felt. Herein are the body parts you can apply CBD oil, including the back, joints, and pressure points.

    The types of pains are different because of the different areas they emerge. Some are chronic, while others are mere pains. People may have to apply CBD oil directly onto the skin, take it orally or use topical beauty products like creams or lotions containing CBD oil. Because the skin is the largest sensory organ in the human body, there are specific parts of applying CBD oil to function well. It is also dependent on the source of pain. You must focus on pressure points, especially when combating stress and anxiety. Below are the different body parts where one should apply CBD oil.

    Putting it under the Tongue

    Lord et al. (2022) noted that when applying CBD oil orally, it is easier to absorb into the body. This part is a capillary-rich area where CBD oil can get into the bloodstream quicker than any other area. Using oral drops form of CBD oil, you need to place droppings under the tongue and hold it onto there for a minute before swallowing it.

    Rubbing it on the Baack

    Persistent inflammation can cause chronic back pain, which may need a remedy. Mondello et al. (2018) noted that CBD oil could deal with inflammation and back pain. The application of CBD oil as a constituent in gels and creams renders promising results in alleviating chronic back pain. It is not merely applied but rubbed on the back and backbone.

    Pressure Points

     One of the pressure points is located between the eyebrows, whereby you can use your finger to identify the exact point. This is where one should apply CBD oil. Apply CBD oil to this point when alleviating headaches. Another pressure point is the heavenly gate point at the tip of the ‘triangle’ on the upper shell of the ear. You can use a mirror to identify its location on the ears. CBD oil is applied at this point to alleviate insomnia. When applying CBD oil to this area, use firm pressure in a circular motion.

    Union Valley

    This point is located between the thumb and the index finger. CBD oil is applied on this point to reduce stress and headaches. It is advised that you use your index finger and thumb of the other hand to apply pressure on that point. When doing so, massage in a circular motion and take a deep breath.

    The Shoulder Well

    You have to pinch the shoulder muscle using your thumb and middle finger to find this spot. While doing so, your finger and thumb or your hands should be wet with CBD oil or any compound containing CBD oil. Pinch and release the area, and massage with CBD oil. CBD oil is thought to relieve stress, help with muscle tension and alleviate headache when applied at this point.

    The Surge point

    This part is located on the upper part of the foot, just below the big toe and the second toe intersection. Massaging the oil into your skin at this point is thought to relieve stiffness and swelling in the feet.

    Applying on Joints

    According to Miller & Miller (2017), CBD oil can be directly applied to the joints, such as on the knee or the wrists, to relieve joint pains. However, one should do a patch test to see if there are any adverse effects or reactions that the oil will have on the skin. The application of  CBD oil on the wrists every morning helps you feel relaxed for the rest of the day. You can add this to your daily routine, and it makes you breathe in the aromatic oil to provide you with nourishing relief.

    Application on the Chest and Neck

    When feeling overwhelmed, a better way to provide powerful results is by liberally applying CBD oil to the chest and the neck. Because we often hold our stress around the neck, you should not forget to massage around the neck, especially the back of the neck. This helps with sore muscle relief.

    Application on the Temples

    Applying CBD oil to the temples by rubbing it in a circular motion will help with a stress-induced headache. CBD oil imposes an instant peppermint feeling of sensational cooling from the essential oils. Wilson (2002) noted that CBD oil would penetrate the skin, boost your relaxation, relieve pain, and aid your well-being.

    Application on the face

    According to Cream CBD Luxe Face (2020), CBD is suitable for face application since it contains anti-aging properties that give the face a better look. It is used for this purpose in a topical form. CBD oil works by improving signs of aging, such as wrinkles on the face.


    There are various methods of getting CBD oil absorbed into the human body. Different parts may act as a medium for this activity, but the skin is mostly used as a medium. The skin is the largest sensory organ found in most areas where CBD oil is supposed to perform its functions. The idea is to ensure that CBD oil reaches the desired destination to undertake its healing or relieving functions. Consequently, it requires the decision of the user on which method is safer for them.


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