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Where To Buy Terpenes

September 05, 2022 5 min read

Where To Buy Terpenes

Where To Buy Terpenes

In the digital age, shopping for products has become more convenient and affordable. With the drastic changes and advancements in technology, one can shop from the convenience of their home. Furthermore, one remains unabashedly confident that their product is of high quality and won't have to go through the hassle of queuing in the nearest shopping malls.

There seems to be a dramatic rise in avid terpene oil users in recent years. An individual may easily accrue to the benefits it presents or the misconception that it possesses similar effects to cannabis. It has led to the increase in the production of terpene oil across the country, with many brands doing their best to attract every potential customer. With many shady people in business, it is difficult to identify how and where to buy terpene oil. Look no further as we aim to classify where to buy terpenes.

Understanding Terpenes

A common misconception surrounding terpenes is that it possesses the same effects as cannabis, and it can, therefore, make you feel "high." To understand this further, it is necessary to debunk what terpenes are, and the distinction between terpenes and marijuana

According to Shannon et al. (2016), terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds in plants. These chemical compounds are responsible for different plants' characteristic scents and flavors. Also, Barrie et al. (2019), terpenes help protect the plant from extreme weather conditions and harmful animals, which may otherwise interfere with the plant's homeostatic processes.

LaVigne et al. (2021) suggested terpenes are key in relieving muscle pains and spasms and reducing anxiety due to their anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anti-bacterial properties. Brousseau et al. (2021) further explained terpenes are instrumental in treating diabetes and cancer by impeding the growth of cancer cells. Terpenes are also present in hemp, which is an extract of the cannabis plant. Hemp contains other chemical compounds such as CBD and psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Therefore, THC is responsible for the "high" feeling experienced after using cannabis. However, THC levels are higher in marijuana as compared to hemp, and thus there is no need to worry about any intoxicating effects that may result after using terpenes.

The Discovery Of Terpenes

Humans have always identified terpenes since time immemorial. However, in the late 1800s, scientists could clearly distinguish terpene's most common terpene, such as limonene, linalool, pinene, caryophyllene, and myrcene. Other terpenes such as geraniol, ocimene, and eucalyptol are rare and of less abundance in non-cannabis plants.

Where To Buy Terpenes

When it comes to purchasing terpenes, you are spoilt for choice. With the perceptible rise in the manufacture of terpenes, many brands are going the extra mile to convince consumers to try their products. However, not all brands are genuine, and it is incumbent on you to be well versed with some safety precautions before purchasing any terpene oil products. You may opt to head out to the nearest convenience store to buy terpenes, or you may opt to avoid the queuing hassle and shop for your terpenes online. Whichever the case, there are a few things you'll need to look out for

Conduct Proper Internet Research

Before buying terpene products from your nearest store, it is important to research the precise location of the store, the price, and the quality of their customer service. Several online-based stores sell terpenes. Before purchasing, verify the brand's authenticity, and read the customer reviews and the company's policy. It will give you more insight into the quality of their products.

Third-Party Testing

It is necessary to ensure that the terpene oil product you purchase has undergone intensive independent third-party testing. It is done to ensure that the purity levels are high and to avoid contamination from harmful inorganic chemicals and synthetic terpenes. Furthermore, buying products from companies willing to share their lab results is preferable to prove their authenticity further.

Method Of Extraction

There are two main methods of extracting terpenes in cannabinoids: alcohol extraction and pressurized CO2. It is advisable to choose products extracted using pressurized CO2. This extraction method guarantees a higher quality CBD oil containing more terpenes. Terpenes are deemed to be volatile, and therefore alcohol extraction is not suitable. It is because terpenes are easily lost, and the purity levels are usually lower.

Confirm The Expiry Dates

Terpenes can easily go stale after a while. Therefore, ensure that you always check the expiry date of the terpene oil product you want to buy. You can also sniff the flower to look for a vibrant, aromatic smell that would guarantee you the freshness of the oil product.

Cost Of The Product

Higher terpene oil prices are not always indicative of the quality of the product. It is possible to find affordable terpene products of high quality that would guarantee you value for your money. Always read customer reviews on the product page's website to determine whether the product's price is justified.

Availability Of The Product

It is recommendable to purchase easily available products. It will enable you to file a complaint if you consider your product low-quality easily. Furthermore, such products are known to be more authentic and careful about their quality due to the stiff competition in the market.

Keep In Mind Your Method Of Consumption

There are several ways of consuming terpenes. A user's preferred consumption method depends on their frequency of use and how quickly they want the effects to "kick in." Terpenes can be consumed through CBD vapes, tinctures, and gummies. CBD vapes are particularly common among young adults due to vape oil cartridges' light and discreet nature. However, in most cases, one cannot use directly vape terpenes since they would have to be added to a suitable e-liquid such as vegetable glycerin. While vaporizing terpenes, keeping them at relatively low temperatures is advisable since you risk degrading synthetic terpenes, which may produce harmful byproducts.


There are several places to buy terpenes, but only a few can guarantee high-quality terpenes. With the rise in demand, it is no surprise that evil people in business are out to reap major profits from sub-standard terpene products. Stay vigilant, and ensure that you follow the necessary guides and precautions, such as purchasing your product from a reputable brand and checking the freshness.


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