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Why is CBD Oil Now in Beauty Products?

September 29, 2022 4 min read

Why is CBD Oil Now in Beauty Products?

Why is CBD Oil Now in Beauty Products?

CBD oil is infusible in beauty products. Read this article to learn about CBD oil's benefits in beauty products and how to buy the best oil for beauty products.

For a long time, CBD oil was a substance used as an illicit drug. In 2018, the US legalized the use of hemp, from which CBD is derived. More companies joined in the production of CBD products in many forms. Today, CBD is legal in more countries than before and can be purchased as CBD oil, edibles, and beauty products. Herein, we provide the benefits of CBD and how such benefits find significance in beauty products. 

The Benefits of CBD Oil in Beauty Products

CBD oil is a popular product because of its versatility; it can easily be infused into regular products to diversify its usage. Below are reasons why the oil is available in beauty products;

For Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammation

The body has a system known as the endocannabinoid system. CBD interacts with the system to alleviate skin discomforts like pain and inflammation. The cannabinoids from CBD will attach to the endocannabinoid, inhibiting the transmission of pain signals from inflammations (Überall, 2020).

For Sebum Regulation

Oláh (2014) stated that CBD is useful for sebum regulation. Sebum is oil produced by the skin to make it waxy and glossy. It also protects the skin from infections and dehydration. However, too much sebum blocks the pores and causes swellings that develop into acne if left untreated. CBD will not only moisturize the skin but also block the pores from losing moisture. The most critical role of CBD in treating acne and other skin conditions is sebum regulation; it inhibits excess sebum production.

To Nourish the Skin

CBD has essential nutrients such as vitamins and proteins, nourishing skin layers. Eskander (2020) stated that CBD contains fatty acids that nourish the skin and keep it radiant. 

To Moisturize the Skin

Brave (2019) opined that CBD is a good moisturizer for dry skin. Constant cleaning and cleansing of the skin exposures it to harsh weather; in return, it will strip it of its natural oils, and with time if the lost oil is not recovered, the skin becomes dry. CBD has hydrating properties and lipids, which help in oil retention. It is, therefore, a suitable product for all types of skin. 

While CBD does not remove wrinkles, it stops them from forming prematurely by moisturizing the skin and keeping it supple. 

As an Antiseptic

The skin is prone to pathogenic infections. It has antimicrobial properties that protect and treat skin infections.

The Side Effects of CBD Oil As Infused in Beauty Products

CBD is a natural product with few adverse reactions. However, like any other drug, it has side effects. The side effects of skin care products include drying, itchiness, and rashes. If you observe a negative reaction, stop using the CBD product; if the symptoms persist, seek medical help.

How To Buy the Best CBD Oil for Beauty Products

The cannabis market is largely unregulated and therefore infiltrated with low-quality products. The following are some tips useful when buying CBD oil for beauty products;

The Certificate of Agency (COA)

The COA is a detailed list of the components in CBD oil. You can find the COA on the company's website or get it to you upon request. If the company is reluctant to avail of the COA, avoid its oil; the laxity to avail a COA indicates poor quality products. Similarly, a COA hints that the company is trustworthy.

Testing by a third-party laboratory

The company may surrender the CBD oil to a third party to confirm that the oil components are as indicated in the COA. The fact that the company can allow a third party to test the CBD oil shows that the company is transparent and trustworthy.

Customers’ reviews give the experiences of other users with the product. It provides first-hand experience of beauty products to new users.

The doctor's doctor does not need to use a prescription to buy CBD oil. However, a doctor's essential for the following reasons;

  • To confirm that your skin is good enough to use CBD oil.
  • Confirm that other medications you use will not react with CBD oils.
  • A doctor can help you verify the compatibility of CBD with your health condition.


Industries continue to find ways of infusing CBD into their products to reach as many users as possible. The wider range of products available in the market makes consumers find the products in their desired forms. In the beauty industry, skin care products are laced with CBD oil. The oil provides topical benefits in pain relief, sebum regulation, skin moisturizing, and antiseptic. Although CBD is a natural product, it is not devoid of side effects; it may cause itching, burning, and rashes. The user should seek medical advice to avoid beauty products that may harm the skin.


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